Open Source Alternative to proprietary software! Mar 24 2015


Free Libre Open Source Software solutions are changing global IT and the way IT professionals, research institutions, and businesses operate. In a typical open source project, researches are conducted within the community, and when the core product is build, an eco-system is created around it. The full benefit of an open source project is then share among those willing to use the final product either in test-dev environment or in production if the product is very mature. The beauty of Open Source Projects reside mainly on its open nature, but also its community driven efforts to build a secure and bleeding edge software solution. Start ups, Medium and Large Entreprises, as well as Schools, Universities, and Government Institutions are now considering or already using open source software as a viable solution for their IT Infrastructure. According to the Open Source Initiative an open source software must comply to the following:

Open Source Alternative to proprietary software!
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